Jute Mesh Soil Saver

Recycled Fibre Weed Matting is a needle punched Geotextile, used for both erosion control and weed suppression. Suppressing weed growth around a new seedling will provide it with the best opportunity to develop into a strong, healthy tree, while minimising the need to use herbicides and other weed suppression measures.


  • Quick to install.
  • Pinning Rate: 2-3 Pins per square metre.
  • Covers 670 square metres and economical for large erosion projects.
  • Degrades within 12-24 months dependant on weather conditions.
  • Natural product derived from Jute plant.

Product Code | Dimensions & Specs

  • JUTEMSH (670m2) 1.22m Wide / 548m Long

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