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Revegetation Products & Supplies
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Field’s Environmental Solutions provide wholesale bulk orders of Revegetation Products & Supplies in Nowra. Offering a wide range of products for Land Management, Revegetation, Landscaping, Agriculture, Nursery Products and Soil Erosion Control for the Mining, Civil and Government sectors. We’ve selected reliable revegetation products that cater to the unique rural  conditions and landscape in Nowra and the surrounding regions. For over 25 years Field’s Environmental Solutions have delivered Ecological Restoration services, Revegetation products and wholesale Native Seedlings.  We are committed to quality and cost effective supply of Revegetation products and seedlings for the rehabilitation of our native biodiversity in the Nowra region.

Order Online or Request a Quote now. Sales to Nowra of our most popular products include Tree Guards, Hardwood Stakes and Pegs and Coir Logs for sediment and Erosion Control. We organise fast delivery for our products Australia Wide. For more information please Download our Products Brochure or visit our Products Page.

Tree Guards

When establishing trees, the first two years are of crucial importance to the longevity and success of the project. Tree Guards are vital during this establishment phase, ensuring the plant has the best chance of survival under harsh Australian conditions.

Select from a wide range of Tree Guards for Nowra. We supply quality Tree Guards and are easy to install. The most basic are the Milk Carton Tree Guards. Our other types include Corflute Tree Guards | Cardboard Pro Tree Guards | Field Pro Bio Biodegradeable Tree Guards | Plain Plastic Sleeve Tree Guards | Mesh Tree Guards | Beast Guard Tree Guards.

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Hardwood Stakes & Pegs

We supply high quality reclaimed timber Hardwood Stakes, Survey Pegs and Bamboo Stakes for Nowra. Ideal for different applications and Tree Guards or for securing your Erosion Control and Coir Logs. Select from an extensive range of heights and thicknesses.

  • Quality Australian reclaimed hardwood
  • Meets Australian Forestry Standards
  • Machine pointed ends for easy ground insertion

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Erosion Control - Coir Logs

Coir Logs are constructed from natural coconut fibres and are tightly packed and wrapped in coir webbing. These provide Erosion Control and sediment capture in drainage lines and swales. Coir Logs provide protection while vegetation establishes and takes over the long term stabilisation. Excellent option for sediment and erosion control. Coir Logs have proven to be an effective form of Erosion Control and are available now to the local area of Nowra.

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Erosion Control - Jute Mesh Soil Saver

Jute Mesh Soil Saver is a Recycled Fibre Weed Mat Geotextile product and is needle punched. Used for both Erosion Control and weed suppression. Suppressing weed growth around a new seedling will provide it with the best opportunity to develop into a strong, healthy tree, while minimising the need to use herbicides and other weed suppression measures. Jute Mesh Soil Saver is an effective form of Erosion Control and is available now to the local area of Nowra.

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Erosion Control - Weed Mat Rolls & Squares

Select from a range of robust Weed Mat and Erosion Control Geotextile that is made from natural jute fibres and recycled fibres are available for supply in rolls or squares in Nowra.

The rolls are often used by councils, civil contractors and landscapers to prevent erosion and promote plant establishment. We supply cost effective and economical options of erosion treatment that is suitable for large scale land areas.

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We deliver to Nowra and surrounding regions

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