Cobber Pin Gun & Pins

Introducing the COBBER™ Staple Gun Series 2, designed for excellent performance on sites up to 45° degrees gradient; to accommodate this the handle is fully adjustable and can rotate to 90° degrees.

Description - Cobber Pin Gun - 20cm Pin

PSI TECHNOLOGY (POSITIVE STAPLE INSERTION): The Patented PSI Technology is the much anticipated anti-jamming device developed by the COBBER™ International Team. This technology resolves the problems of multiple staples jamming in the gun, eliminating poor performance and site problems experienced by other staple guns throughout the industry.
EASY GLIDE SYSTEM: The COBBER™ patented Easy Glide System allows high performance with no field maintenance. Weighing under 5.5 kgs, the COBBER™ is the lightest, fastest and most reliable fastening system available.
STAPLES: COBBER™ International delivers the complete package with staples being manufactured & designed specifically for the COBBER™ staple gun.
LIGHT WEIGHT: COBBER™’ weighs in under 5.5 kgs making it easy to hold, easy to manoeuvre, and supporting OH & S.
PERFORMANCE & ACCURACY: COBBER™ can deliver a staggering 3300 staples per hour with accuracy on varying gradients.
LESS DOWN TIME & INSTANT STAPLE REMOVAL: COBBER™ Staple Gun series 2 has a quick release opening carriage for easy site inspection.
SAFE TO OPERATE: COBBER™ is so light and easy to operate, reducing stress and fatigue compared to other industry models.

Product Code | Specs

  • COBBER200-SH1 Cobber Pinning Gun 20cm – Suits 15cm & 20cm Cobber Pins

Description - Fastening Pins for use with 15cm or 20cm Cobber Pin Gun

  • U Shaped Fastening Pin in Cartridge form designed for use with the 15cm OR 20cm Cobber pin gun.
  • A safer, more cost effective multi-use, easy to use fastening system designed to keep Erosion Control & Weed Mat, Nursery Matting and Irrigation Piping in place.

Product Code | Specs

  • PINCOBBER150-SH1 15cm Cobber Pin | 2.50mm gauge | Box 1000 | Suits 15cm Cobber Gun
  • PINCOBBER200-SH 20cm Cobber Pin | 2.50mm gauge | Box 750 | Suits 20cm Cobber Gun

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