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Our Tree Guards are easy to install and come in a range of sizes and materials. Corflute | Cardboard | Biodegradeable | Plastic Sleeve | Recycled | Milk Carton | Mesh | Beast Guard Tree Guards.

Tree Guards are Vital during the Establishment Phase

When establishing trees, the first two years are of crucial importance to the longevity and success of the project. Tree Guards are vital during the establishment phase, ensuring the plant has the best chance of survival, under harsh Australian conditions. Tree Guard products achieve this by providing shelter for the young plant, by means of extra shade from extreme heat, protection from strong wind, and reprieve from frost. Tree Guards also aid in the ongoing maintenance of a planting project by protecting the plant from spray drift during weed control programs and serving as a marker for watering and monitoring purposes. Tree Guard products also protect the plant by creating a physical barrier between the plant and browsing animals.

The most basic are the Milk Carton Guards. This product is the quickest to install and most budget friendly option, making it a popular choice for large scale revegetation projects. The Corflute Tree Guard is a much larger and more robust product, made from UV stabilised, corflute plastic. This style of guard will not only protect the growing plant, but improve growth rates by providing shelter from weather extremes and preventing evaporation. Corflute Tree Guards will last until the plant is established and can even be re-used.  The premium option is the Beast Guard Tree Guard, providing all the advantages of the standard corflute guard, but larger and made from heavy duty corflute plastic. With the ability to fasten the guard with steel pins as well as a hardwood stake, the Beast Guard will stop the most determined animal predation.

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