Beast Guard Tree Guard

Drought conditions have encouraged large animals to feed on young planted trees. Protect your trees with Beast Guard Tree Guards. Made from rigid corflute plastic and fixed down with sturdy hardwood stakes and steel pins. Protects from browsing animals, speed up growth and shelter from damaging wind.

Tree Guards Beast Guards Corflute Reusable Heavy Duty Field's Environmental Solutions


  • Quick to Install
  • Strong & Sturdy
  • Reuseable
  • Heavy Duty 2.5mm thick Corflute
  • UV stabilised plastic
  • Wind training holes
  • Fastening Pin tabs for Steel Fastening Pins
  • 1x Slot for Sturdy Hardwood stake ground fixing

Most Popular Combination

  • CFLMACB200-SH Beast Guard 600mm x 200mm x 200mm
  • H90025-SH Hardwood Stake 900mm x 25mm x 25mm
  • WDM09-SH1 Recycled Fibre Square 37cm x 37cm
  • PIN15-SH1 150mm Lose Wire Pin Box of 500

Product Code | Dimensions | Qty

  • CFLMICRO200-SH    MicroBeast Guard H:45cm X 20cm   QTY 50
  • CFLMACB300-SH    MacroBeast Guard H:60cm X 30cm   QTY 50
  • CFLBEAST-SH    Beast Guard H:90cm X 30cm   QTY 50
  • CFLMICRO300-SH    MicroBeast Guard H:45cm X 30cm   QTY 50
  • CFLMAXIBEAST-SH    MaxiBeast Guard H:120cm X 30cm   QTY 50
  • CFLMACB200-SH    MacroBeast Guard H:60cm X 20cm   QTY 50
Tree Guards Beast Guards Corflute Heavy Duty Field's Environmental Solutions

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