Jute Weed Mat Roll

A robust weed and erosion control geotextile that is made from natural jute fibres and covers 45m2. The rolls are often used by councils, civil contractors and landscapers to prevent erosion and promote plant establishment. The natural fibre acts as a layer of mulch providing weed suppression and moisture retention to enhance plant establishment, while protecting the top layer of soil from erosion.

Jute Matting Weed & Erosion Control Field's Environmental Solutions


  • Effectively prevents erosion
    Assists in plant establishment and weed suppression
  • Made from plant fibre and is biodegradable
  • Lasts 6 – 12 months dependent on environmental conditions
  • Available in 4, 6 & Non Slit for planting requirements
  • 770 gsm thickness
  • 1.83m x 25m roll (45m2)

Product Code | Dimensions & Specs

  • JSG800S6 – 6 Slits per m2
  • JSG800S4 – 4 Slits per m2
  • JSG800 – No Slits

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