Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration Services

Field’s Environmental Solutions are passionate about providing top-notch ecological restoration services for land management & erosion control for the Mining, Civil, and Government sectors. We offer a variety of services to help keep your land strong and stable.

Wholesale Native Seedlings


Native Tree


Tree Guarding &
Pest Management

Spraying & Weed


Seed Collection &
Grass Harvesting
with BioBank Seed

Native Seedling Development

Field’s Environmental Solutions can help you with native species selection and premium quality seedlings delivered to you. We make sure to have your seedlings ready when your project is ready. With native seed collected from near your area and from soil types that are common to your project, we can provide ‘Hiko’ seedlings that belong in your project.

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Contract Services

Field’s Environmental Solutions has the capability to deliver high yielding results for large projects. We have trained WHS Officers to ensure that safety comes first. Contact us to discuss our methodology and availability for your project. Our services include:


Contact one of our Senior Consultants for advice on: