Consultation - Aim for the Best Ecological Outcome

At Fields Environmental Solutions, we offer professional and reliable consultation services for ecological and revegetation projects. Our expertise and experience can assist you in achieving your environmental goals, from planning, implementation and maintenance.

Field’s Environmental Solutions aids government infrastructure projects, civil developments & mine site rehabilitation. 

Ecological Consultants NSW and QLD

Our ecological consultants assess the environmental effects and benefits of a proposed activity, such as mining, land development, land clearing, restoration, or conservation. Field’s ecological consultants can help you to:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • Avoid or minimise adverse effects on biodiversity, ecosystems, and natural resources
  • Enhance or restore ecological values and functions
  • Identify and manage environmental risks and opportunities
  • Engage with stakeholders and communities

Our experienced consultants can provide assessments and reports for different projects. Our solutions are both practical and cost-effective for your ecological needs. Primarily servicing NSW and Southern QLD, consult with Field’s Environmental Solutions before undertaking your land changing projects.

Revegetation Consultation

Consultation for revegetation projects includes guidance and support for planting, seeding, or natural regeneration. Revegetation consultation can help you to:

  • Improve soil health and water quality
  • Prevent or control erosion and sedimentation
  • Increase carbon sequestration and climate resilience
  • Create or enhance habitat for native flora and fauna
  • Restore or maintain landscape aesthetics and amenity

Our consultants are experts in designing and implementing revegetation programs for a variety of sites and objectives. We use native and locally adapted plant species that are suitable for the soil, climate, and ecological conditions of your site. Our services include monitoring and maintenance to sustain your revegetation project.

Some of the revegetation services we offer include:

Timing and Maintenance

Timing and maintenance are crucial factors for the success of any ecological or revegetation project. Take advantage of our consultation services to plan and schedule your project activities under the highest standards and best practices. We can help maintain your project site with regular inspections and interventions.

Some of the timing and maintenance we can offer advice on include:

  • Seasonal planning to ensure optimal timing for planting, seeding, harvesting, and other project activities
  • Irrigation scheduling to provide adequate water supply for plant growth and survival
  • Fertilisation and pest management to enhance plant health and productivity
  • Weed control and pruning to prevent competition and improve plant appearance
  • Performance evaluation and reporting to measure and document the outcomes and impacts of your project

Look Forward to a Better Future with Forward Planning

Your project can look forward to a better future with forward planning. Field’s Environmental Solutions Consultation service aims to create the best environmental outcome possible. If you are interested in our consultation services, please contact us today to discuss your upcoming project and requirements. We look forward to working with you.

Page Updated: 22/01/2024