Tree Guarding & Pest Management

Tree Guarding & Pest Management - Protecting Your Investment in Nature

Trees are vital to the balance of our environment in the delicate ecosystem of ecological restoration. At Field’s Environmental Solutions, we understand the critical role trees play in sustaining life and preserving our planet. Protecting newly planted trees is crucial to the successful growth into a well-established tree. Our tree guarding & pest management service works to protect your ecological project from the harsh conditions in the environment.

Our Commitment to Tree Preservation

Field’s value every tree, regardless of their size. Our tree guarding services protect and nurture these invaluable assets. Here’s how we do it:

Vigilant Guardianship – Protecting young trees is best implemented straight after planting. Our specialists assess the health of your young trees and select the best method to shield them from potential harm. We understand that prevention is key to long-term tree preservation.

Pest Management – Pests can threaten the vitality of trees and the ecosystems they support. The most notable pests that threaten new plants are foraging animals, either feral or native. These can be macropods (kangaroos/wallabies), feral rabbits, feral goats, feral pigs and unfenced cattle.

Our integrated pest management strategies are eco-friendly and tailored to the unique needs of each site.

Shielding Against The Elements – Animals aren’t the only threat against establishing trees. Australia’s harsh conditions can make it difficult for plants to become established. Tree Guards protect against excess exposure to heat, wind and insulate from frost.

Protection from Spray Drift – A tree guard also helps to protect against spray drift from weed control spraying. Having a physical barrier stops harmful pesticides from affecting its growth.

Sustainable Solutions – Field’s employ sustainable practices that align with the principles of ecological restoration. We use bio-degradable or recyclable materials for tree guards, so your trees can thrive in their surroundings.

A Synergy with our Tree Planting

Our commitment to ecological restoration extends beyond protection; it begins with the very act of planting. Explore our Tree Planting service to understand how crucial it is to introduce new life into our landscapes.

Tree planting is just the beginning of a tree’s life, and ensuring its growth and longevity requires expert care. That’s where our Tree Guarding & Pest Management services come in. They are the vital continuation of our commitment to a greener, healthier planet.

Tree Guarding & Pest Management Services for NSW & Southern QLD

Our services ensure a sustainable future for government infrastructure projects, civil development, and mine site rehabilitation.

Field’s provide tree guarding & pest management services for NSW & Southern QLD. If have an upcoming tree planting project with us, or an existing new plantation, speak to us about how tree guarding can establish your trees future.

Page Updated: 20/11/2023