Native Tree Planting

Native Tree Planting With Field's Environmental Solutions

At Field’s Environmental Solutions, we are passionate about ecological restoration. Our native tree planting service is one of our specialty services for land management and erosion control in NSW and Southern QLD regions.

Whether you need to restore the ecological balance of a mine site, enhance the biodiversity of a civil or government projects, we can help you. Our team has both the knowledge and skill to plant a variety of native trees that will meet your revegetation needs and thrive in your location. We support all our projects with a safe work methodology for each site.

What Are The Benefits Of Native Tree Planting For Ecological Restoration?

Tree planting is a key component to ecological restoration. Some of the major benefits are:

  • Reduces soil erosion: Trees, shrubs, grasses and their root systems are vital to reduced soil or land erosion. In addition, they can help to reduce the likelihood of landslides on hillsides.
  • Water conservation: Trees help to intercept water from rainfall. By aiding water retention in the soil, it prevents the water from running off the land.
  • Habitat for native wildlife: Trees attract and provide much needed habitat and food for native animals and insects, thus improving the natural biodiversity of the area.
  • Improved air quality: Trees naturally filter out pollutants from the air, providing oxygen-rich clean air that we all associate with the country.

With these benefits, you can help to improve the environment, protect our natural resource and create a more sustainable future.

How We Provide Quality Native Tree Planting Service for Land Management

Field’s Environmental Solutions can source and supply quality native plants and seedlings from our own in-house nursery. Part of of our native tree planting service is curating the right native plants for your location.

We also offer soil preparation and consultation, weed spraying, fertiliser application, and ongoing maintenance to ensure the success of your tree planting project. We use current best practices and products to protect the environment and promote sustainability.

Land management is important because it helps to ensure that land resources are used in a sustainable way. All of Field’s services go towards a successful ecological restoration program. Every step is as important as the next.

Contact Us About Your Upcoming Revegetation Project

We have worked with various clients from the mining, civil and government sectors. Field’s delivers outstanding results and customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable native tree planting service provider, look no further than Field’s Environmental Solutions. Contact us today to discuss solutions for your upcoming revegetation project.

Page Updated: 27/11/2023